Material Cycles

The Material Cycles competence field deals with issues surrounding the optimal use of materials in terms of a closed carbon cycle. The optimal use of renewable raw materials, such as natural fibers or fillers, is examined as well as the use of chemicals and polymers from renewable sources. Here, thermal resistance and surface properties for the best possible fiber-matrix bonding and high-performance use are key issues. Naturally occurring structural properties of natural fibers, when used in a targeted manner, can add value through additional functionality.

Understanding this fundamentally is the subject of research in the competence field. In addition, the recycling of materials and components made from composite materials, with a focus on carbon fibers, is an important aspect in the optimal use of raw materials and thus part of the competence field activities.


Barbara Güttler

Manager Material Cycles

Spezielle Expertise: Biocomposites, Kohlenstofffaserrecycling, Materialanalytik, Methodenentwicklung, Bioökonomie

Room: 58/332
Economic Sectors Applications (Examples)
Aerospace Structural components & secondary structures
Automotive Interior and exterior
Engineering Polymeric bearings and complex parts
Construction Industry Fiber reinforced concrete

Special Expertise

  • Modern testing facilities with coupling options for several material properties
  • High-resolution 2D and 3D structure determination of composite materials incl. analyses of damage

Materials and Questions

Typical Materials

  • Polymers, fibers and additives from renewable resources
  • Recycled fibers and polymers
  • Materials from their end-of-life phase

Typical Questions

  • How can end-of-life components be brought into new high-performance applications with consistent quality?
  • Where can sustainable materials be optimally used and add value in composite applications?
  • How do the properties of natural fibers and their behavior correlate in composite materials?

Projects in this field

Publications from the IVW papers in this field of competence

  • Dollhofer, J.

    Bruchmechanische Charakterisierung der Adhäsion an Polymer/Glas-Grenzflächen

  • Taipalus, R.

    Elektrische und mechanische Eigenschaften von unverstärkten, glas- und kohlenstofffaserverstärkten elektrisch leitfähigen Thermoplasten

    External Publications "Material Cycles"

    Evaluation of recycled carbon fibre/epoxy composites: Thermal degradation behaviour of pyrolysed and virgin carbon fibres using thermogravimetric analysis