Gründungsbüro RPTU & HS KL

The „Gründungsbüro“ (start-up office) started in 2008 as a competent contact point for all those members of the University of Kaiserslautern and the University of Applied Sciences interested in establishing their own company. Our mission is to embed entrepreneurial spirit and leadership competence in the everyday academic and research practice. The objective of our measures is to increase the number of spin-offs, particularly in the technology sector.

It all starts with raising awareness and qualification for entrepreneurial thinking and acting.

Individual consultancy and a broad supply of workshops teach important entrepreneurial core competencies.

This helps to develop young leadership personalities, create a supportive environment and strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit. Students, alumni, scientists and all other staff members of the two universities and research institutes receive professional support tailored to their particular needs and topics. We want to encourage all people to realize their ideas by starting their own business.

Gründungsbüro Rheinland-Pfälzische Technische Universität & Hochschule Kaiserslautern
Phone: 0631 205 2723
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