Program Area Component Development

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Joachim Hausmann

Research Director Component Development & Manager Fatigue & Life Time Prediction

Special expertise: Method development for realistic and efficient material and component testing under consideration of environmental influences (temperature, humidity, media)

Room: 58/584


Sebastian Schmeer

Deputy Research Manager Component Development & Manager Mechanical Characterization & Modeling

Special Expertise: Mechanical characterization of materials, components and joints (strain rate & temperature variable), DIN/ISO standardization, material behavior under multi-axiality (tension/compression and torsion), FEM simulation (mechanical), material model parameterization, validation of FE simulation models by experimental investigations, structural integrity, metal-fiber reinforced composites

Room: 58/239


Nicole Motsch-Eichmann

Manager Design of Composite Structures

Special Expertise: Structural design and development of fiber composite structures, finite element analysis (static), development of load introduction regions, experimental testing of components and parts, topology and shape optimization

Room: 58/234


Miro Duhovic

Kompetenzfeldleiter Prozesssimulation

Spezielle Expertise: Finite-Elemente-basierte Multiphysik-Simulation komplexer Verbundwerkstoff-Fertigungsprozesse, Material- und Prozesscharakterisierung, Entwicklung von Verbundwerkstoffmodellen

Room: 58/268