Fatigue & Life Time Prediction

In the comptence field Fatigue & Life Time Prediction research is being carried out for the following subjects: experimental characterization and modeling of the fatigue behavior of fiber reinforced polymers, the identification of input parameters for the fatigue life analysis (fatigue strength, decrease of residual strength, stiffness de-gradation), and the generation of linear and non-linear models; as well as the detection of damage mechanisms of short fiber reinforced thermoplastics and their influence on life time. A further topic is the experimental fatigue life testing under environmental conditions.

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Joachim Hausmann

Scientific Director Component Development & Manager Fatigue & Life Time Prediction

Special Expertise: Method development for realistic and efficient material and component testing under consideration of environmental influences (temperature, humidity, media)

Room: 58/585
Economic Sectors Applications (Examples)
Automotive Chassis structures
Engineering Highly accelerated machine parts
Energy Wind turbine blades, storage systems

Special Expertise

  • Fatigue life simulation
  • Multiple test facilities and measurement methods
    • Component test rig with 6 channel control
    • Cyclic testing in climate chamber and at high and low temperatures
    • Uni- and multi-axial materials characterization
    • High frequency test rig
    • 3D optical strain and deformation measurement
    • Linking to structural FEA
    • Acoustic emission and thermographie measurement equipment

Materials and Questions

Typical Materials

  • GFRP
  • CFRP
  • Continuously and discontinuously fiber reinforced polymers

Typical Questions

  • How to set-up tests for more efficient life time determination?
  • How can cyclic tests of materials and components be performed as close to reality as possible?
  • What is the influence of environmental conditions on the fatigue behavior of fiber reinforced plastics?

Projects in this field

Publications from the IVW papers in this field of competence

  • Romanenko, V.

    Materialcharakterisierung und durchgängie 3D-Prozesssimulation für kohlenstofffaserverstärktes Sheet Molding Compound

  • Finck, D.

    In-plane- und out-of-plane Kriechen von Sheet-Molding-Compounds bei erhöhter Temperatur

  • Bauer, C.

    Charakterisierung und numerische Beschreibung des nichtlinearen Werkstoff- und Lebensdauerverhaltens eines kurzglasfaserverstärkten Polymerwerkstoffes unter Berücksichtigung der im µCT gemessenen lokalen Faserorientierung

  • Ziermaier, M.

    Nichtlineare Versagensanalyse von dünnwandigen Faser-Kunstoff-Verbund-Bauteilen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von out-of-plane Rovingwelligkeiten

  • Magin, M.

    Schadensfortschrittsentwicklung durch zyklische Belastung und deren numerische Modellierung unter Berücksichtigung nichtlinearer Werkstoffgrenze bei endloskohlenstofffaserverstärkten Polymerwerkstoffen

  • Noll, T. J.

    Beitrag zur Entwicklung punktueller Lasteinleitungen und Verbesserung der Versagensanalyse für Faser-Kunststoff-Verbund-Strukturen unter zyklischer Belastung

  • Förtsch, W.

    Mikrofraktographische Untersuchungen zum Ermüdungsversagen vorge-schädigter preform-CFK-Werkstoffe mit EP-Matrizes

    External Publications "Fatigue & Life Time Prediction"

    Creep-Induced Screw Preload Loss of Carbon-Fiber Sheet Molding Compound at Elevated Temperature


    Testing Procedure for Fatigue Characterization of Steel-CFRP Hybrid Laminate Considering Material Dependent Self-Heating


    Development of an Analytical Model to Predict Stress–Strain Curves of Short Fiber-Reinforced Polymers with Six Independent Parameters


    Investigation of the fatigue behavior of thermoplastic composites by load increase tests


    Determination of Fatigue Damage Initiation in Short Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastic through Acoustic Emission Analysis


    Mean Value-Amplitude Method for the Determination of Anisotropic Mechanical Properties of Short Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics


    Compression Fatigue Testing Setups for Composites—A Review


    Characterization of metallic bushings in RTM-made composites by in-situ leak detection under mechanical loading


    Experimental Investigation of Instabilities on Different Scales in Compressive Fatigue Testing of Composites


    Thermal residual stresses in thermoplastic CFRP-steel laminates: Modification and influence on fatigue life