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  • Design of Composite Structures
  • Crash & Energy Absorption
  • Fatigue & Life Time Prediction
  • Impregnation & Preform Technologies
  • Press & Joining Technologies
  • Process Simulation
  • Roving & Tape Processing
  • Tailored & Smart Composites
  • Tailored Thermosets & Biomaterials
  • Tribology
  • Material Analytics

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Selected IVW projects

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    Introduction of a New Family of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites

    Systematic development of lightweight bio-based composites with excellent heat resistance for structural applications.

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    AVK Expert Task Force

    Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics within the Automotive Industry

    Standardization of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastics applications within the automotive industry

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    Biobased Wood Fiber Composites

    Developing a thermally stable, bio based composite

    Development of environmentally compatible, biobased polymer composites for structural applications in automotive engineering

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    Replacement of traditional building materials like bricks and aluminum by bio-based materials like natural fiber reinforced biopolymers

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    Bioinspired Tribologic Graphene/LCP Coatings

    Novel graphene/LCP composites show extremely high wear resistance

    Developing novel materials with low friction and high wear resistance for important research areas

  • Biomimetic Hybrid Materials

    Learning from Rodent Teeth

    Development of a hybrid material with high resistance against abrasive wear

  • BioSMC

    Use of bio-based components in duroplastic extrusion compounds

  • CFRPC-Precursors for the Manufacturing of CFC-Radial Fans

    IVW develops tool for effcient and robust RTM-process

    RTM process as part of a process chain for the manufacturing of geometrically complex CFCradial fans

  • CrashOpt

    Development of a Material Model

    Development of a material model for unidirectional and continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastics

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    Development of high temperature resistant toughened CE winding resins for the construction of lightweight electrical drives.

  • Durability of Fiber Composites in Concrete

    Obtaining a DIBt approval

    Damage behavior of GFRP reinforcing bars in an alkaline environment

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    DFG-Stitch Absorber

    Increased energy absorption and an improved structural integrity of FRP structures in case of critical tensile and bending load

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    Increased energy absorption and an improved structural integrity of FRP structures in case of critical tensile and bending load

  • Through-the-Thickness Permeabiltiy of the Reinforcing Tex

    Design of a more efficient resin injection process

    Knowledge about the impregnation behaviors of reinforcement textiles

  • 3DPrint2Fiber

    Structure Optimized 3D-Print Orthoses

    Development of a hybrid process for the production of personalized and structurally optimized 3D-print orthoses on site

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    Environmentally Friendly and Holistic Recycling of CFRP

    Development of a holistic thermolysis process as well as preparation of recycled CF for reuse

  • Efficient Fatigue Testing

    Acoustic-Emission with fiber reinforced plastics for fatigue strength determination

    The project investigated whether and how acoustic signals measured in quasi-static tensile tests can be correlated with fatigue strength of laminates.

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    load-change resins

    Development of carbon fiber reinforced plastic materials with maximum cyclic strength for applications in ultra-fast rotating flywheels.

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    Fatigue of Injection Molded Material

    Development of a methodology for the time-efficient determination of the high-cycle fatigue strength of short-glass-fibre reinforced thermoplastics

    The target of the project is the development of a methodology that allows the estimation of the high-cycle fatigue strength of short fiber reinforced thermoplastic polymers based on as few and time efficient experiments as possible.

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    Development of an easy-to-use, cost-effective and robust hybrid polymer implant for sternum closure

    Development of a novel sternal closure implant using new polymer-based hybrid designs

  • FlexHyJoin

    Flexible Production Cell for Hybrid Joining

    Improvement of the use FRP by developing a fully automatic joining process for the automotive industry

  • FlexiFrame

    Flexible Hybrid Composite Rear for MTB Frames

    Development of a new driver-individual bicycle frame design including efficient process technology

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    Development of a flexible CFRP torque shaft in bending direction to securely transfer a high torque load.

  • [Translate to English:]

    Generative Processes for the Production of Polymer Comp.

    Potential of additive manufacturing methods for drive technology components

    Relevant characteristic values for determining the potential of additive manufacturing methods for propulsion technology components

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  • [Translate to English:]

    Fundamentals concerning impregnation of DFP preforms

    Investigation of the relationships between structural variations

    The project deals with the understanding of the influence of micro- and macrostructure on the permeability of dry fiber placement preforms.

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    Honda Initiation Grant Europe 2017

    Wet Fiber Placement

    Within the HIGE-project the development of Wet Fiber Placement, a novel process for fiber placement with online-impregnation, will be promoted.

  • HoSpaRo

    Composite Cans in Circulating Pumps

    Innovative manufacturing process for composite cans by processing fast curing resins in a near-net-shaped filament winding process

  • HyRoS

    Multifunctional Hybrid Rotor Blade Protection System

    Development of an erosion protection layer for wind energy plants and a rotor blade heating system

  • HySpine

    Development of a Metal-Free Spinal Implant

    Development of a metal-free pedicle screw system to prevent artefacts

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    Innovative Tools for Extra Wide Organo Sheets

    Development of a novel tool technology to increase the impregnation performance of continuous compression molding

  • Induction Welding of CFK

    Increasing the velocity of the induction welding process

  • InfraHeat

    Development of an Infrared Absorber

    Development of an appropriate process chain for the processing of NFRP by infrared heating and implementation of suitable absorbers into the polymer matrix

  • InnoClip

    Development of a new x-ray transparent aneurysm clip based on biocompatible materials

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    Innovative textile structures from carbon staple fibres

    Development and manufacturing of rCF staple fiber based organo sheets and the creation of an associated FE-model for the simulation of the thermoforming process of this material.

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    Int. Benchmark Study for Permeability Measurement

    Benchmark study on permeability determination

    International organizational team for a new benchmark study on "virtual" permeability measurement

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    Lignin Based Carbon Fibres for Composites

    Development of carbon fibers (CF) on the basis of renewable resources as a sustainable alternative for conventional fossil polyacrylnitril (PAN) based reinforcement fibers

  • Listen2theSOURCE

    Identifying Damaging Events in FRP Acoustically

    Listen2theSOURCE develops the necessary tools to enable acoustic emission analysis for reliably identifying different types of damage in fiber reinforced plastics

  • SMC Process Simulation - Material Model

    For the Compression Behavior in SMC

    Development of an efficient and accurate material model for the prediction of the flow behavior and the fiber orientation in SMC materials

  • Math2Composites

    Material Simulator for Textile Based Composites

    Development of a simulation software module for the determination of material parameters, which replaces experimental tests by validated simulations.

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    Microscopy of the Crystal Development of Semi-Crystalline Polymers

    State-of-the-art transmitted light microscope with heating stage up to 300 °C

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    Modification and Characterization of Coconut Fibers

    Modification and Characterization of Coconut Fibers for Applications in Biocomposites

    Development of a new natural fiber source for large-scale applications

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    Transfer of Tension, Compression and Torsion Loads

    Innovative Transfer of Tension, Compression and Torsion Loads

    Develop a load introduction theoretically, then to optimize it using the finite element method and to find a suitable manufacturing process for the tubular fiber composite structures only after full understanding of the mechanism

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    New, Highly Toughened Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermosets

    Usage of thermosetting nanocomposites in CFRP

    Research of fundamental relationships between morphology and fracture toughness

  • Next-Move

    Concepts of Next Generation of Moveables

    Introduction of a new methodology that enables the production of closed FRP box structures efficiently and enables new possibilities of construction


    CFRP Integral Aircraft Frame with Thermoplastic Matrix

    Development of a highly automated manufacturing process for CFRP-structural parts, such as aircraft frames, with thermoplastic-matrix

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    Coatings for Wear-Stressed Surfaces


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    Combination of thermoplastic continuous fiber reinforced inserts with thermoplastic short fiber reinforced injection molding material

    In the pro-TPC structure project, thermoplastic continuous fiber reinforced inserts are combined with thermoplastic short fiber reinforced injection molding material.

  • R4PP

    Efficient radial piston pumps with polymeric high performance composites for food applications

  • rCF-Mobil

    Recycled High Performance Composites for Mobility and Transport Applications

    High-pressure capillary rheometer is used to investigate the melt flow behavior of thermoplastic polymers and blends.

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    Recycling of CFRP with thermoplastic matrix

    In addition to the recycling of valuable materials after an aircraft has been in use, the reprocessing of production waste in the manufacture of components can also make a contribution to protecting the environment and reducing costs.

  • ReInvent

    Advanced Cellular Bio-Materials

    Development of novel bio-based thermoset formulations, foams and composites for components in the building and automotive industries

  • ReSa

    Residual Stress Analyzer

    Development of a mobile Residual Stress Analyzer (abbreviation ReSA)

  • SamBa

    Renewal Systems with Basalt Fiber Reinforced Composites

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    Steel Fiber Reinforced CFRP

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    Smart Processes and Optimized Designs for High Production Cadences

    Development of a new integral foam construction with thermoplastic cover layer for cabin components using the sidewall as an example

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    Development of a High-Speed Winding Process

  • StresslessCFRP

    reducing process induced residual stresses of thermoplastic FRP-metal-hybrids

    Life time enhancement of thermoplastic FRP-metal-hybrids by reducing process induced residual stresses

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    Transfer Film Formation

    On the Trail of Mysterious Third Bodies

    Exploration of the influence of material formulation, testing parameters, and surface micro-structure of the metallic sliding partner on the evolution of transfer films of polymer composites

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    Thermoforming Simulation of Organosheet Materials

    Forming behavior of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastics

    Forming behavior of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastics in the thermoforming process and to make statements about resulting fiber orientation, final contour, and wrinkling

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    Active turbulators for aviation

    Active hybrid structures enable a novel situation-dependent adaptation of aircraft aerodynamics, which increases efficiency and reduces noise pollution.

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    composite fuselage structure for the aviation industry

    reduction of weight while increasing the energy absorption during crash through load optimized design of supporting structures as well as an easy and cost efficient integration of components using metal inserts