Optimum Fiber Distribution

Hybrid material combinations are characterized by the advantages of both components to achieve optimal, tailored properties of the hybrid structural part. Thermoplastic composites (TPC) have several distinct advantages in comparison to their thermoset counterparts such as short cycle times, re-meltability, weldability and recyclability. In the pro-TPC-structure project thermoplastic continuous-fiber-reinforced inserts are combined with thermoplastic short-fiber-reinforced injection molding material. According to the maxim: “The right material at the right place!”

The comparatively expensive endless fiber components are aligned along the main load paths and only used where they are actually needed.  One challenge is to fix the pre-treated inserts in the injection mold, in which they are not only injected,but completely overmolded. The required material bond between the insert and the injection molding compound opens up new possibilities for load application, stability and functional integration. As first demonstrator a coupling rod was chosen.

The target of pro-TPC-Structure is the production of material efficient hybrid components by combining thermoplastic continuous fiber reinforced inserts with thermoplastic short fiber reinforced injection molding material.

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The project “pro-TPC-Structure - Development Process Chain for the Optimized Use of Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics (TPC) in Functionalized Structural Components” is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Ministry of Economics, Transport, Agriculture, and Viticulture (MWVLW) (funding reference 84002807).