CirComp GmbH

COMAT, now CirComp GmbH. Founded in 2000, Managing Director: Dr. Ralph Funck, former PhD student of Prof. Neitzel, Fiber Winding Technology. CirComp specializes in the manufacturing of components made of high performance fiber composites using fiber winding technology. www.circomp.de

Ticona Celstran GmbH

FACT, now Ticona Celstran GmbH. Founded in 1998 by Dr. Tapio Harmia, former PhD student of Prof. Friedrich, Thermoplast Impregnation and LFT. 2010 FACT was taken over by Ticona Celstran. www.ticona.com


ADETE GmbH, today INTELLIGHT, founded in 1999, Managing Director Dr. Markus Steffens, former PhD student of Prof. Maier, computational design of composite material components. INTELLIGHT is a specialist for potential analysis for metal substitution and for the holistic development and implementation of innovative plastic and fiber composite solutions. www.intellight.de


TAIS Technical Aspects in Sailing GmbH. Managing Director: Dr. Markus Steeg, former PhD student of Prof. Mitschang, Process Technologies in Fiber Reinforced Composites. TAIS aims at a new definition of the state of the art in the sailing sport with innovative products and services. www.tais-gmbh.com

ASH Automation Steeg und Hoffmeyer GmbH

Managing Director: Dr. Markus Steeg. Since 2010 the company delivers customized system solutions and builds special machines for the automated production of high quality fiber reinforced composite structures. www.automation-gmbh.com

A+ Composites GmbH

A+ Composites GmbH was founded in 2015 by managing director Dr.-Ing. Markus Brzeski, former PhD student Prof. Mitschang. With a process developed by Dr.-Ing. Brzeski the company manufactures unidirectional thermoplastic tapes. In addition to a wide variety of tapes, A + Composites produces tapes, re-formable carbon rods, customer-specific injection-molded inserts and, on request, structures. www.aplus-composites.de

CompActive GmbH

Founded in 2018, Managing Director Dr.-Ing. Moritz Hübler, former PhD student of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Breuer. CompActive develops and manufactures active components and systems based on shape memory alloys, thus enabling adjustment functions with minimal installation space, minimum weight as well as gap-free and kink-free contour. www.compactive.de