External Publications "Design of Composite Structures"

Experimental Investigation on the In-Plane Creep Behavior of a Carbon-Fiber Sheet Molding Compound at Elevated Temperature at Different Stress States

Load and structural health monitoring of a scaled CFRP rudder stock using electro-mechanical impedance technique

Detection of Pin Failure in Carbon Fiber Composites Using the Electro-Mechanical Impedance Method

Experimental investigation of modified co-curing process for carbon fiber/epoxy-laminates

Hybrid thermoset-thermoplastic structures: An experimental investigation on the interface strength of continuous fiber-reinforced epoxy and short-fiber reinforced polyamide 6

Development of a new method for manufacturing hollow fibre-reinforced plastic structures for aeronautical applications using structural CFRP cores

Hybrid composite pedicle screw - finite element modelling with parametric optimization

Hybrid Thermoset-Thermoplastic Structures: An in-depth study on plasma pretreated continuous fiber-reinforced epoxy specimens

External Publications „Digitalized Process & Material Development“

Modeling transverse mirco flow in dry fiber placement preforms

Journal of Composite Materials 04/2019

Impact of Stitchin on Permeability and Mechanical Properties of Preforms Manufactured by Dry Fiber Placement, Polymer Composites 5/2018

Out–of–plane capillary pressure of technical textiles

Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing 09/2019

Wet Fiber Placement: A novel manufacturing technology for continuous fiber reinforced polymer composites

Journal of Composite Materials 06/2018

Integrated Product Development with Fiber-Reinforced Polymers

Integrated Product Development with Fiber-Reinforced Polymers | David May | Springer

Evaluation of different bonding strategies for glass fibre-reinforced epoxy resin with embedded elastomer layers

Out-of-plane permeability of 3D woven fabrics for composite structures

The Journal of The Textile Institute 08/2019

Recycling langer Kohlenstofffasern, Kunststoffe 5/2018

In-plane permeability characterization of engineering textiles based on radial flow experiments: A benchmark exercise

Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing 06/2019

A combined experimental–numerical approach for permeability characterization of engineering textiles

An overview on current manufacturing technologies: Processing continuous rovings impregnated with thermoset resin

Textile-Integrated Elastomer Surface for Fiber Reinforced Composites

22nd Symposium on Composites 06/2019

Development & Validation of Recycled Carbon Fiber-Based Binder Tapes for Automated Tape Laying Processes, Journal of Composite Materials 11/2018

Metrological determination of inhomogeneous hydrodynamic compaction during unsaturated out-of-plane permeability measurement of technical textiles

Advanced Manufacturing: Polymer & Composites Science 04/2019

Out-of-plane permeability measurement for reinforcement textiles: A benchmark exercise

Saturated out-of-plane permeability and deformation metrology of textiles at high levels of injection pressure

A Novel Simulative-Experimental Approach to Determine the Permeability of Technical Textiles

22nd Symposium on Composites 06/2019

Präzise Charakterisierung von Verstärkungstextilien

Dry fiber placement of carbon/steel fiber hybrid preforms for multifunctional composites

Advanced Manufacturing: Polymer & Composites Science 03/2019

Concept for Darcy-based viscosity measurement for fast-curing resin systems

Structural topology optimization and path planning for composites manufactured by fiber placement technologies

External Publications "Fatigue & Life Time Prediction"

Creep-Induced Screw Preload Loss of Carbon-Fiber Sheet Molding Compound at Elevated Temperature

Testing Procedure for Fatigue Characterization of Steel-CFRP Hybrid Laminate Considering Material Dependent Self-Heating

Development of an Analytical Model to Predict Stress–Strain Curves of Short Fiber-Reinforced Polymers with Six Independent Parameters

Investigation of the fatigue behavior of thermoplastic composites by load increase tests

Determination of Fatigue Damage Initiation in Short Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastic through Acoustic Emission Analysis

Mean Value-Amplitude Method for the Determination of Anisotropic Mechanical Properties of Short Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics

Compression Fatigue Testing Setups for Composites—A Review

Characterization of metallic bushings in RTM-made composites by in-situ leak detection under mechanical loading

Improved Mean Value-Amplitude Method for Determination of Orientation-Dependent Modulus of Short Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastics

Experimental Investigation of Instabilities on Different Scales in Compressive Fatigue Testing of Composites

Thermal residual stresses in thermoplastic CFRP-steel laminates: Modification and influence on fatigue life



External Publications "Material Cycles"

Evaluation of recycled carbon fibre/epoxy composites: Thermal degradation behaviour of pyrolysed and virgin carbon fibres using thermogravimetric analysis

Why should I care about carbon and circular production?

External Publications "Mechanical Characterization & Modeling"

Use of recycled carbon staple fibers in an advanced thermoforming process and analysis of its crash performance

Advanced Manufacturing: Polymer & Composites Science (2020), DOI:


Calculation of highly stressed components made of carbonfiber-reinforced polyamide-6

Experimental characterization and phenomenological modeling of nonlinear viscoelasticity, plasticity and damage of continuous carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastics

Influence of anodization of aluminum 2024 T3 for application in aluminum/Cf/ epoxy laminate

Characterization and modeling of continuous carbon fiber-reinforced polycarbonate under multiaxial loads

Structural Optimization of Locally Continuous Fiber-Reinforcements for Short Fiber-Reinforced Plastics

Metal/Carbon-Fiber Hybrid Composites—Damage Evolution and Monitoring of Isothermal Fatigue at Low and Elevated Temperatures

Enhanced Low-Velocity Impact Properties for Resin Film Infusion-Manufactured Composites by Flow-Control Approach

Describing the Material Behavior of Steel and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites Using a Combined Damage-Plasticity Approach

External Publications „Press & Joining Technologies“

Influence of fungal decay on mechanical properties of bio-based sheet molding compounds (SMC)

Investigations on thermoforming of carbon fiber reinforced epoxy vitrimer composites

Commercial Vehicle Technology 2020/2021

DOI 10.1007/978-3-658-29717-6

Multiple regression analysis of the chemical components effect on wettability at ps laser micro-structured surfaces on stainless steel 304

Digitalisierung eines CFK-Fertigungsprozesses


Process Improvement of Continuous Induction Welding of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites

3R Composites: Knockdown Effect Assessment and Repair   
Efficiency via Mechanical and NDE Testing

Use of bio-based and renewable materials for sheet molding compounds (SMC) – Mechanical properties and susceptibility to fungal decay

Deep drawing of organic sheets made of hybrid recycled carbon and thermoplastic polyamide 6 staple fiber yarns, Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials

Tiefziehbare Organobleche aus recycelten Carbonfasern, Zeitschrift Kunststofftechnik 1/2019

Bending properties of structural foams manufactured in a hot press process

Influence of polymer matrix on the induction heating behavior of CFRPC laminates

Increasing the performance of continuous compression moulding by local pressure adaption

Kostenanalyse der Prozesskette zur Herstellung von rCF-Stapelfaser-Organoblechen, erschienen in der Technischen Textilien 3/2018

Entwicklung einer Prozesskette zur Herstellung von NFPP-Tapes


External Publications "Process Simulation"

An experimental characterization of wrinkling generated during prepreg autoclave manufacturing using caul plate

Advanced process simulation of compression molded carbon fiber sheet molding compound (C-SMC) parts in automotive series applications

Transverse liquid composite moulding processes for advanced composites material manufacturing

Material Characterization and Compression Molding Simulation of CF-SMC Materials in a Press Rheometry Test


Polarization imaging for surface fiber orientation measurements of carbon
fiber sheet molding compounds

A combined experimental–numerical approach for permeability characterization of engineering textiles



Machine learning for polymer composites process simulation – a review

Influence of polymer matrix on the induction heating behavior of CFRPC laminates



Computational modelling and analysis of transverse liquid composite moulding processes

External Publications "Roving- & Tape Processing"

Die Spritzgießmaschine als Entwicklungspartner

K-Praxis_Ausgabe 21

Co-consolidation of CF/PEEK tape-preforms and CF/PEEK organo sheets to manufacture reinforcements in stamp-forming process



Characterization method for continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic strand



External Publications "Tailored Thermosets & Biomaterials"

SUSAAN - SUStainable Antimicrobial and Antiviral Nanocoating
Flyer (PDF)

The effect of block copolymer and core-shell rubber hybrid toughening on morphology and fracture of epoxy-based fibre reinforced composites.

Engineering Fracture Mechanics 2018. doi: 10.1016/j.engfrac-mech.2018.06.044

Preparation and characterization of bionanocomposite films based on wheat starch and reinforced with cellulose nanocrystals

Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Basalt Fibre Reinforced Polymer Lamellas for Renovation of Concrete Structures

Flexural and fracture mechanical properties of in situ particulate reinforced organomineral hybrid resins modified by organofunctional silanes

Composites Science and Technology 2019. doi: 10.1016/j.compscitech.2019.02.013

Chemically Functionalized Cellulose Nanocrystals as Reactive Filler in Bio-Based Polyurethane Foams

Temperature-rate induced polymerization and phase separation of block copolymer toughened polymer composites

Simultaneous access to different types of volume changes and the degree of cure during isothermal polymerization of polymer networks

doi: 10.3144/expresspolymlett.2022.87

Eco-friendly and Sustainable Processing of Wood Based Materials

Green Chem., 2021, DOI: 10.1039/D0GC04430J.

Reactive Layer Assembly Sustains an Interlocked Structure in Green
Processed and Scalable High-Performance Layered Wood

On volume changes during homopolymerization of polymer networks
accessed via “Temperature modulated optical refractometry”

Novel Approach in B-Staging of an Epoxy Resin for Development of rCF Non-Woven Prepregs for RTP Processing

Low velocity impact resistance of thin and toughened carbon fibre reinforced epoxy

Significance of nickel particles on reducing friction and wear of polyimide subjected to harsh boundary lubrication conditions

External Publications „Tailored & Smart Composites“

Physics of Multifunctional Materials
Flyer (PDF)

Passive thermography for detection of damaging events during quasi-static tensile testing“ (English), Key Engineering Materials


A new algorithm for uncertainty quantification for thermal conductivity measurement on polymers with the Haakvoort method using differential scanning calorimetry considering specimen height and real contact area

Full factorial analysis of the accuracy of automated quantification of hidden defects in an anisotropic carbon fibre reinforced composite shell using pulse phase thermography

Electrochemical Surface Structuring for Strong SMA Wire–Polymer Interface Adhesion

Inline quantification and localization of transverse matrix cracking in cross-ply CFRP during quasi-static tensile testing by a joint event-based evaluation of acoustic emission and passive IR thermography


3D X-ray Microscopy as a Tool for in Depth Analysis of the Interfacial Interaction between a Single Carbon Fiber and an Epoxy Matrix after Mechanical Loading

Possibilities and limitations of passive and active thermography methods for investigation of composite materials using NDT simulations

In-situ characterization of impact damage in carbon fibre reinforced polymers using infrared thermography

External Publications "Tribology"

Data for: Improved design process of dry-running radial plastic plain bearings by coupling laboratory tests and component simulation


Formation, stability and degradation of transfer films formed by polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) and its composites in dry sliding against steel

Data from Block-on-Ring Wear Tests of Victrex FG340 in Dry Sliding versus AISI 52000 steel

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