CompActive GmbH is a spin-off of IVW GmbH and was founded in 2018, as part of the EXIST research transferprogram supported by the BMWi. The project is funded until the mid of 2020. CompActive pursues the commercialization of active hybrid composites and offers solutions for completely new adjustment functions.

The advantages of fiber reinforced polymers are combined with modern solid-state actuators, the shape memory alloys.

Conventionally required components  such as mechanics, gearbox and motor, are dispensable. Those lightweight and compact actuator modules provide the desired adaptability and can easily be integrated in products. Scalability, silence and continuously bended contours are further advantages enabling innovation for example in the areas of design, aerodynamics and comfort.

CompActive provides all steps from idea to modules for series application - from feasibility studies, setup of functional prototypes and detailed design to manufacturing of active modules.

CompActive GmbH
Dr.-Ing. Moritz Hübler
Managing Director
Rietburgstraße 1
67434 Neustadt / Weinstraße