University of the Greater Region

As part of the University of the Greater Region (UniGR) project, a regional university network of seven universities in Germany, France and Luxembourg, I  had the opportunity to study at the RPTU and thus at IVW. My "home university" is Saarland University, where I am currently enrolled in the Master of Materials Science and Engineering. My research interest is mainly in the field of composites, from their production and design to their applications. Thanks to the lectures offered at IVW, I was able to extensively deepen my knowledge in this field and integrate it into my master's studies in Saarbrücken. In addition, the mobility fund financed my semester ticket for the trip to Kaiserslautern. This semester, I attended the lectures Commercial Aircraft Composite Technology, including an excursion to Airbus, and Design and Analysis of Composite Materials. Both lectures provided me with exciting insights into the design and application of composites and I was able to build up a comprehensive knowledge in the field. In addition to the technical knowledge, I was also able to expand my network and make many new contacts. I am already looking forward to attending the Design in Composites lecture in the coming semester as well.