Media Tight

Material Simulator for Textile Based Composites

The goal of the project is the development of gener- alized design rules for durable media tight feedthroughs in fiber-reinforced plastics under service loads.

Durable media tightness is a major requirement for casings and vessels in the automotive industry. Tightness has to be achieved for electrical transmissions in electronic housings as well as for vessels containing fuels or other working fluids. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to keep ambient fluids outside for protection of electrical components, or in case of vessels to keep fluids in an enclosed space. Fiber-reinforced plastics are well known for their beneficial properties, hence they are used also for electrical housings and vessels. Electrical housings are typically made of short fiber thermoplastics, whereas vessels for working fluids make use of continuous fiber reinforcement. One major challenge is the design of the metallic feedthrough for electrical connections and connections to piping systems. To meet this challenge it is necessary to understand the interaction of metallic feedthrough, surrounding composite as well as ambient and service loads. Systematic variation and experimental validation should gather insights into those governing interactions. This investigation focuses on thermal and mechanical loads which could be for example radiated heat of motors or acting forces due to connected wiring or piping.

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Andreas Baumann

Scientific Staff Fatigue & Life Time Prediction

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The project “Media Tight Metallic Feedthroughs in Plastic Casings and Vessels under In-Service Loading” is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy on the basis of a decision by the German Bundestag (funding reference 20298 N/2).