Mechanical Characterization

of CFRP Hydrogen Tank Segments

Future vehicles with fuel cells running on hydrogen require high crash safety, which is addressed by, inter alia, adequate mechanical simulations. Simulations of thick walled CFRP hydrogen tanks, however, need a broad basis of quasistatic and dynamic mechanical characterization on material and component level for a deeper understanding of failure behavior and consequently as appropriate input and validation parameters. This task is addressed by IVW and the project partners. Ring segments are used as predominant specimen types. Comprehensive ring compression tests in radial direction of the load application showed a failure mode based on delamination, which depends on the specimen’s geometry. The testing matrix includes several additional tests for different specimen types (e.g. bending, split disk and impact), taking into account different states of stress and load cases also including strain rate dependent material behavior.

This project aims at a comprehensive mechanical characterization on coupon and component level to provide input and validation values for computational modelling of thick walled CFRP tubular structures.

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Stefan Schmidt

Scientific Staff Mechanical Characterization & Modeling

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We would like to thank our project partners for the positive cooperation during the project.