Recycling of CFRP with thermoplastic matrix

The experimentally acquired material characteristics demonstrate the potential of this reused material. The manufacturing of demonstrator components is an important mile stone on the road to the certification for the use in aircrafts.

In the development of future aircrafts, AIRBUS relies on the effective use of high-performance composite materials. The reduction of the aircraft weight leads to a better fuel consumption efficiency. In total, more than 50% of the new long-haul aircraft Airbus A350 XWB already consists of carbon fiber reinforced composite (CFRP) materials. An innovative application is a special part, called „clip“, made from carbon/PPS pre-consolidated panels. An array of these clips is used to attach the frames of PROJECTS the fuselage to the skin. In fully automated workcells Premium AEROTEC produces thousands of highly complex parts. Beside the re-use of valuable material after the airplane’s service life the reprocessing of production waste can promote an appropriate contribution to conserve our environment and to reduce the costs. Thermoplastic FRP are predestined for recycling because they can be reheated and reformed. The goal of this research project together with AIRBUS is the development of a novel concept for the processing of recycled pre-consolidated CFRP panels. Cut and size-reduced production waste is compounded or used directly for compression molding and injection molding.

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