Vita Barbara Güttler

Dr. Barbara Güttler successfully graduated in 2007 at the University of Applied Science Berlin (Germany) in the program Biotechnology with an emphasis in bioprocess engineering.

She then started her graduate studies at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, where she began her research in the field of biocomposites. During her work she developed and acquired an extensive fundamental and experimental knowledge and skills in natural and polymeric materials, including characterization, testing and production. In 2012 she successfully graduated from her PhD program in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Focus of her graduate work was the characterization of agricultural materials and biocomposites with various analytical methods such as surface analysis, chemical composition as well as optical and scanning electron microscopy. During her postdoctoral work at the University of Waterloo she continued and deepened her research in the fields of thermal characterization and surface analysis.

In 2013 she was teaching the bioprocess engineering undergraduate course in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Waterloo.

She joined the Institute of Composite Materials in April 2014 where she is the manager of the competence field "Material Cycles" in the department of materials science. At IVW she is also the contact person for the topics “Biocomposites” and “Carbon Fiber Recycling”. Dr. Güttler is the group leader for the AG Biocomposites at the Composites United e.V. as well as, together with Prof. Luisa Medina, leader of the work group natural fiber reinforced plastics at the AVK e.V..

Since 2016, she also serves as the equal opportunities officer of IVW and is thus contact person for all topics concerning gender equality, diversity and family.

Offices and Memberships

  • Associate Editor on Composites and Advanced Materials
  • Member of the advisory board GmbH
  • IVW Equal Opportunities Officer
  • Member of the society of German engineers (VDI)


Barbara Güttler

Manager Material Cycles

Special Expertise: Biocomposites, carbon fiber recycling, materials analytics, method development, bioeconomy


  • M Moo-Young Biochemical Engineering Scholarship 2008
  • International Student Award UW 2007-2012

Research focus and interests

  • Materials from renewable resources
  • Recycling of carbon fiber reinforced plastics


The list of publications is available here.