Simultaneous FTIR-Rheology-Testing

Rheological properties measurements in plate and high pressure capillary rheometers as well as in Brookfield viscometers have been part of the material analytical characterization of materials at IVW for many years. Information on the deformation and flow behavior of polymers for the development and processing of composite materials is obtained. The determined parameters, e.g. shear rates or viscosities at different temperatures, are essential parameters for the complex behavior and thus the basis for e.g. impregnation and processing of these materials. Depending on the formulation of the polymer matrix, the rheological properties can be influenced, whereby the process parameters can be modified.

Fourier-Transform-Infrared-Spectroscopy (FTIR spectroscopy) enables the elucidation of chemical composition by identifying molecular vibrations in the material. The coupling between a plate rheometer and an FTIR spectroscope is provided by the Rheonaut. The simultaneous measurement of rheological proper ties in a parallel plate rheometer and molecular structural changes via FTIR allow us to identify and correlate chemical reactions as well as particular intermediate reactions. With this approach it is possible to gain a deeper knowledge of effects such as temperatures, shear or additives on crosslinking reactions or crystallization processes.

Thus, materials analytics creates fundamental knowledge that can flow directly into the application.

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