load-change resins

Target of the project is the development of carbon fiber reinforced plastic materials with maximum cyclic strength for applications in ultra-fast rotating flywheels.

Due to their extraordinary high specific strength, carbon fiber reinforced plastics are well suited for the design of extremely fast rotating fly-wheels. Those systems are intended for short-term energy storage to enable balancing of deviations in power supply systems by fast charge-discharge cycles. The combination of very high rotational speeds and fast loading-unloading cycles leads to requirements for the material of the fly-wheel such as high mechanical strength, high fracture toughness and high cyclic strength transverse to the fiber direction. The Institute of Composite Materials chooses and tests suitable matrix modifications for the development of such materials. The modified systems will be compared to reference materials and validated by suitable test methods. Furthermore, IVW develops meaningful test methods which represent the loading conditions within the fly-wheel and produces suitable specimens. These will be tested in quasi-static and cyclic loading to verify the cyclic strength and to develop models for life time prediction.

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The project “ELSE – Cyclic loading resistant resins for energy storage applications“ is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy on the basis of a decision by the German Bundestag (funding reference 16KN037225).



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