New biobased polyesters for biodegradable textile, packaging, footwear applications

Microplastic accumulates and remains in the environment. It is difficult to biodegrade. It has been found in oceans, freshwater ecosystems, and human and animal tissues and organs. The packaging, textile and footwear industries are among the main sources of pollution, e.g. from packaging waste, textile laundering and shoe abrasion. Therefore, new biodegradable polymers are being developed for these applications and low-risk biogenic resources are being used in the supply chain. Polymers are also being optimized for multiple recycling. IVW is working with members of the Waste2BioComp consortium specifically to develop biogenic and biodegrad

able polyesters (PES) (incl. polyhydroxyalkanoates, PHAs) from biomass waste streams. To prevent premature degradation of PES and growth of bacteria and fungi, IVW chemically modifies the developed PES and proteins and uses them to nanocapsulate biogenic antimicrobial/antifungal (AM/AF) agents. The nanocapsules produced are incorporated into packaging materials, textile coatings, and foams for shoe soles. An essential step towards the circular economy is the recycling of plastic waste and the reuse of the recyclates in new products. Chemical recycling of PES at end-of-life occurs, on the one hand, through hydrolysis to monomers/oligomers and subsequent chemical and/or biotechnological PES synthesis (in the case of PHA). In addition, chemolysis of PES to PES-diols yields chemical components for polyurethane (PU) foams for shoe soles, among other applications. Sustainability (LCA) and toxicity assessments are performed at all stages of development.

For technology demonstration, bio-based packaging films, textiles and nonwovens for clothing and face masks, and foams for shoe soles are produced.

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Barbara Güttler

Manager Material Cycles

Telephone: +49 631 2017 462



Liudmyla Gryshchuk

Postdoc Tailored Thermosets & Biomaterials

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Liudmyla Gryshchuk

Postdoc Tailored Thermosets & Biomaterials

Spezielle Expertise: Polymerchemie & -analytik, multifunktionelle Mono-/Polymere und Nanokapseln, Duroplaste, grüne Chemie, Biomaterialien, Schäume, (Nano-)Verbundwerkstoffe, Hochleistungsbeschichtungen, Photochemie, Mikrowellentechnologie



The project "Waste2BioComp - Conversion of organic waste into sustainable bio-based components" is funded by the Horizon Europe program. Project no.: 101058654.