IVW Student Competition 2022

Fresh milk and records at the IVW student competition

8 teams of students from the TU Kaiserslautern were extremely inventive and tested their self-built vehicles in good spirits in a competition on the university's sports field on February 11, 2022.

With a set of various materials and semi-finished products, including carbon and glass fiber fabric as well as synthetic resin, which was made available to all teams at the beginning of the winter semester, and a maximum of 50 euros for additional materials of their own choice, they had to create the smartest possible means of transport. The aim was to transport 3 full milk cartons undamaged and as quickly as possible over a distance of 100 m or as far as possible on the day of the competition. The concept for the drive energy was freely selectable, but fossil and electrochemical drives were "penalized" with a time or distance factor. All students enrolled at TUK or University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern were eligible to participate, but doctoral students were excluded.

The concepts ranged from the impulse-driven fiber composite pressure vessel "Flitschi 3.0" to rubber- and wind-driven vehicles (team "Fischel"), radio-controlled electric cars with carbon fiber chassis (team "TillRiThen") and sandwich constructions with 3D printed components with winch drive (team "Carbon Trio"). Speeds of over 80 km/h were achieved.

The participants were rewarded - in addition to plenty of fun and audience applause for 3 attempts each - with a book prize and certificates, and the winning teams also received nice cash prizes.

The pictures show the winning team "CarbonTrio" with Jonas Rupp, Julian Emmerich, and Markus Kammler (100 m in only 4.4 s), the almost equal teams "TillRiThen" with Nadia Tillmann, Yannik Ritz, and Nikolaus Then as well as "Flitschi Engineering" with Lukas Paul Honcamp, Jan Oliver Schreiber, and Timo Preußler on the respective 2nd place and the team "Creative Cargo Concept" with Benedikt Jäckels and Martin Klar on 3rd place.

1st Place for team "CarbonTrio"

2nd Places for the teams "TillRiThen" and "Flitschi Engineering"

Team "TillRiThen"

Team "Flitschi Engineering"

3rd Place for team "Creative Cargo Concept"

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