IVW Student Competition 2023

Coke - but fast!

Sun, good humor, creativity and speed at the IVW student competition 2023

5 teams of 11 students from the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering at RPTU participated in the IVW student competition "Congenial Composite Carrier CCC" on July 13, 2023. The solutions of a tricky task were put to the final challenge in the competition: From a few given materials, including glass and carbon fiber fabric with synthetic resin, a means of transport had to be designed, calculated, built and tested in a period of a few months, which transported a full can of cola over a distance of 40 m undamaged and in the shortest possible time. Electrochemical drives were not permitted, nor were CO2-generating drives. A cost limit of 50 euros for additional materials was not to be exceeded.

Fiber-reinforced tube constructions working with positive and negative pressure, 3-D printed chassis constructions made of polylactic acid plastics with an ingenious rubber traction system, designs working according to the gondola principle and a particularly impressive trebuchet, a special form of catapult with a weight and whip system, were used. Fiber composite constructions and braking mechanisms ensured not only lightweight designs but also the necessary robustness during acceleration and deceleration or in the event of a possible impact in the target area, as damage to the Coke can would lead to disqualification. Before the competition, all design descriptions and calculations had to be submitted to the jury, and for final permission to start, the teams also had to explain their safety concept. Speeds of over 300 km/h were then measured on the competition track, and (almost) all the Coke cans survived the ultra-fast transport. At the IVW barbecue in the evening, the participants were able to enjoy their certificates and much applause.

1st Place for Team "KK Solutions"

2nd Place for Team "Weight-Watcher Engineering"

3rd Place for Team "GFK"

4th Place for Team "VeFra"

5th Place for Team "Fast & Curious"