Block on Ring Tribometer

Investigation of friction and wear in a wide range of temperatures Measurement of quantitative tribological data (limiting pv, wear rate, coefficient of friction) Identification of wear mechanisms and documentation of wear motifs

Brand: Tribologic GmbH
Model: Atlas TT ‘Block on Ring’
Testing stations: 4 stations x 3 tribometer
Standards: ASTM G77/G137/G176
Normal force: 5 to 250 N / testing station
Sliding speed: 0.007 to 3.0 m/s
Oscillation frequency: < 0.1 Hz
Temperature range: RT to +300°C
Atmosphere: 23°C / 50% rH, class 2
Lubrication: 1 to 500 μl/h
Lubricants: water, electrolytes, weak acids, caustics, sea water, oil, diesel
Computerized data acquisition and -evaluation

Responsible Competence Field:




Andreas Gebhard

Manager Tribology

Special expertise: tribology of plastics, tribometers and tribometry, transfer films, development of plastic composites, laboratory information management, data modeling