Continuous Compression Molding Machine

Compression molding of thermoplastic laminates and semifinished products (sheets and profiles, e.g. L-, V-, U-profiles); sheet thickness 0.5 mm to 4 mm, sandwich construction up to 30 mm

Brand: Advanced Composites & Machines GmbH
Max. pressing width: 660 mm
Length of pressure zone: 1,400 mm
Max. heating temperature: 410°C
Max. temperature of cooling zone: 95°C
Feeding speed: 0.1 m/h to 60 m/h
Max. press capacity: 25 bar

Responsible Competence Field:

Press & Joining Technologies


Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Thomas Neumeyer

Research Director Manufacturing Science & Manager Press & Joining Technologies

Special expertise: Fiber-reinforced composites polymer foams, special injection molding processes, additive manufacturing with plastics, sustainability aspects and their quantitative assessment