Projektpartnertreffen im Forschungsprojekt „TraNa“ am IVW

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As part of the ongoing LuFo research project "TraNa", a new generation of SMC semi-finished products is being developed at IVW in cooperation with the project partners CompriseTec, Fraunhofer ISC, Fraunhofer IAP and Schmidt & Heinzmann. These semi-finished products will be fire-protected and translucent. 

For further informationen please visit TraNa.

After successful modification of the in-house SMC plant and the development of a special SMC resin paste, all project partners and the project management organization were able to gain an "insight into SMC production and processing live" on site during a project meeting at IVW.

from left to right: • Martin Bentel, Project Management Organization DLR / PT-LF • Jens Kürsten, Fraunhofer IAP • Doris Hanselmann, Fraunhofer ISC • Michael Päßler, IVW • Benedikt Schug, Fraunhofer ISC • Sebastian Steffen, Fraunhofer IAP • Florian Gortner, IVW • Andrej Kamylin, Schmidt & Heinzmann • Simon Kaysser, CompriseTec (network coordinator) • Robert Köhler, IVW • David Bücheler, Schmidt & Heinzmann



Florian Gortner

Postdoc Press- & Fügetechnologien

Spezielle Expertise: Halbzeugentwicklung, Hybride Materialien & Strukturen, Hybridprozesse, Methoden zur Material- & Prozess-Charakterisierung, Presstechnik & Simulation, Material- und Prozessentwicklung

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