Tension Compression Torsion Machine

Investigation of material behavior under multiaxial stress states; detailed validation of simulation models

Brand: Zwick-Roell
Model: AllroundLine Z250/4000
Velocity: up to 10 mm/s, 5 U/min
Max. measureable force: 250 kN
Max.measurable torsion: 4,000 Nm
Temperature range: -80°C to 250°C
Recorded measurement data: force, torsion displacement,
velocity, strain, digital image correlation

Responsible Competence Field:

Mechanical Characterization & Modeling



Sebastian Schmeer

Deputy Research Manager Component Development & Manager Mechanical Characterization & Modeling

Special Expertise: Mechanical characterization of materials, components and joints (strain rate & temperature variable), DIN/ISO standardization, material behavior under multi-axiality (tension/compression and torsion), FEM simulation (mechanical), material model parameterization, validation of FE simulation models by experimental investigations, structural integrity, metal-fiber reinforced composites