High Frequency Testing Machine

Cyclic material characterization; sine, triangle and square signals in tension, compression, torque and rotation direction are possible

BOSE Corporation – ElectroForce Systems Group
Model: ElectroForce 3550
Max. load: ±15 kN
Max. displacement: ±25 mm
Max. torque: ± 70 Nm
Max. rotation: ±65°
Max. frequency: 100 Hz
Specimen geometry: flat
Width: 20 mm, thickness: 1 mm to 4 mm

Responsible Competence Field:

Fatigue & Life Cycle Analysis


Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Joachim Hausmann

Research Director Component Development & Manager Fatigue & Life Time Prediction

Special Expertise: Method development for realistic and efficient material and component testing under consideration of environmental influences (temperature, humidity, media)