FTIR with infrared microscope

Method for determining the molecular structure (macro) molecular substances and additives in particles, fibers, laminates, traces of liquids, emulsions etc.

Brand: Thermo Scientific
Model: Nicolet iS10 (FTIR); Continuμm (Microscope)
Spectral mode: absorbance or reflectance
Spectral range: 7,800 to 350 cm-1
Resolution: 0.4 cm-1
Accessories: ATR-module with diamond-, ZnSe- and Ge- crystals for analysis of sample surfaces
motor-driven ReFlexT aperture with X, Y and angle adjustment to confine the specimen
targeted sample illumination
motor-driven sample focus

Responsible Competence Field:

Tailored Thermosets & Biomaterials



Bernd Wetzel

Research Director Materials Science & Manager Tailored Thermosets & Biomaterials

Special Expertise: Multifunctional thermosets, nanocomposites, tribology, fracture mechanics, structure-property relationships