Fast Multiaxial Tape Laying Machine

IVW Thermoplastic Tape Laying Machine - ASH Automation F2-Compositor®

  • highly customizable gantry portal for thermoplastic tape / fiber placement
  • glass fiber and carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic tapes
  • PP, PA, PEI, PPS, PEEK, PEKK etc.
  • tape width ¼’’ to 2’’
  • tape thickness between 0.05 and 0.5 mm
  • laying area 3500 mm x 1500 mm for a process speed of 2 m/s (120 m/min)
  • laying speed up to 4 m/s (240 m/min)
  • ultra high precision placement and cutting
  • multi-axial straight line placement and curved placement
  • hydrogen torch heating (laser heating interface prepared)
  • Beckhoff PLC with Ethercat G



Jens Schlimbach

Deputy Research Manager Manufacturing Science & Manager Roving & Tape Processing

Special Expertise: Development of efficient processing methods, process optimization, out-of-autoclave technologies, economic feasibility studies, process hybridization, additive manufacturing, AFP, winding technology

Responsible Competence Field:

Roving & Tape Processing