Material Analytics

Material analytics and the knowledge about processstructure property relationships contribute essentially to the optimization of manufacturing processes and material formulations, and they also support the modeling, simulation and design of polymeric composites. They determine characteristic values of each material that are the base of every simulation model.

Due to the interaction with expert knowledge, material analytics also cover a substantial part of failure analysis and provide a fundamental contribution to the value chain of fiber reinforced composites by developing application oriented testing methods, including the fiber recycling. Another part of material analytics is the development of suitable methods for new materials and specially designed components.

The analytical methods can be applied in almost any sector that deals with polymeric materials. We respond to typical requests concerning materials and parts from teh automotive and aerospace as well as the engineering and construction sectors.


Barbara Güttler

Manager Material Analytics

Special expertise:
Biocomposites, carbon fiber recycling, material analysis, method development, bioeconomics
Room: 58/332
Economic Sectors Applications (Examples)
Aerospace Structural components & secondary structures
Automotive Interior and exterior
Engineering Polymeric bearings and complex parts
Construction Industry Fiber reinforced concrete

Special Expertise

  • Highly qualified team with decades long expertise in many areas of material analytics
  • Method development
  • Comprehensive knowledge in carrying out methods
  • Individual handling and processing of specialized / unconventional requests

Materials an Questions

Typical Materials

  • Fiber and particle reinforced polymeric composites
  • Hybrid materials
  • Sandwich structures etc.

Typical Questions

  • Manufacturing: Which materials are suitable for my application and how can the processing parameters be determined and controlled?
  • Usage: What are the effects of temperature and weathering on the material and how does the performance change over its time
  • of usage?
  • “End-of-Life“: What are the properties of the recycled material and where are new applications for it?

Projects in this field

Publications from the IVW papers in this field of competence

  • Dollhofer, J.

    Bruchmechanische Charakterisierung der Adhäsion an Polymer/Glas-Grenzflächen

  • Taipalus, R.

    Elektrische und mechanische Eigenschaften von unverstärkten, glas- und kohlenstofffaserverstärkten elektrisch leitfähigen Thermoplasten