Multifunctional Composites & Simulation


Lubov Bendler

Postdoc Tailored Thermosets & Biomaterials

Special expertise:
High performance polymers & nanocomposites, phase separation & compatibility, structure-end property relationships; physico-chemical material characterization: chemical reaction kinetics, chemo-rheology, IR spectroscopy, relaxation, thermal properties
Room: 58/325


Nicole Motsch-Eichmann

Manager Design of Composite Structures

Special expertise:
Design development and construction of fiber composite structures, finite element calculation (static), development of load introduction areas, experimental testing of components and parts, topology and shape optimization
Room: 58/234


Sebastian Schmeer

Deputy Research Director Component Development & Manager Crash & Energy Absorption

Special expertise:
Mechanical characterisation of materials, components and joints (strain rate & temperature varying), DIN/ISO standardisation, material behaviour under multi-axiality (tension/compression and torsion), FEM simulation (mechanical), material model parameterisation, validation of FE simulation models by experimental investigations, structural integrity, metal-fibre composites
Room: 58/239


Bernd Wetzel

Research Director Materials Science & Manager Tailored Thermosets & Biomaterials

Special expertise:
Multifunctional thermosets, nanocomposites, tribology, fracture mechanics, structure-property relationships
Room: 58/578