Material Analytics


Lubov Bendler

Postdoc Tailored Thermosets & Biomaterials

Special expertise:
High performance polymers & nanocomposites, phase separation & compatibility, structure-end property relationships; physico-chemical material characterization: chemical reaction kinetics, chemo-rheology, IR spectroscopy, relaxation, thermal properties
Room: 58/325

Stefan Brunner

Tecnical Staff Tribology

Special expertise:
Design, construction, assembly and maintenance of tribometers, development of tribological test methods, machining of test specimenm, component testing


Andreas Gebhard

Manager Tribology

Special expertise:
Tribology of polymers, tribometers and tribometry, transfer films, development of polymeric composite materials, laboratory information management, data modeling
Room: 58/433

Hermann Giertzsch

Technical Staff Materials Analytics

Special expertise:
Microscopic examinations using scanning electron microscopy, light microscopy, stereo microscopy, digital microscopy, non-destructive testing using X-ray microscope and µCT, sample preparation for analytical examinations, damage and failure analysis
Room: 58/527.1


Liudmyla Gryshchuk

Materials Science

Special expertise:
Polymer chemistry & analytics, multifunctional mono-/polymers and nanocapsules, thermosets, green chemistry, biomaterials, foams, (nano-)composites, high-performance coatings, photochemistry, microwave technology
Room: 58/334


Barbara Güttler

Manager Material Analytics

Special expertise:
Biocomposites, carbon fiber recycling, material analysis, method development, bioeconomics
Room: 58/332

Stefan Schmitt

Technical Staff Materials Analytics

Special expertise:
Surface characterization (according to topography, roughness, gloss and color), microsection preparation of composite materials, light microscopy and image analysis, hardness testing
Room: 5/431


Bernd Wetzel

Research Director Materials Science & Manager Tailored Thermosets & Biomaterials

Special expertise:
Multifunctional thermosets, nanocomposites, tribology, fracture mechanics, structure-property relationships
Room: 58/578