Forming Technology & Simulation


Miro Duhovic

Manager Process Simulation

Special Expertise: Finite element-based multiphysics simulation of complex composite manufacturing processes, material and process characterization, composite model development


Marc Hein

Laboratory Engineer Material Cycles

Spezielle Expertise: Mikroskopische Untersuchungen, Probenpräparation für analytische Untersuchungen (Schliffe  u.ä.),Oberflächenanalytische Untersuchungen (Kontaktwinkelanalyse),Unt ersuchungen im Rahmen der Schadensfallanalytik,Technische Durchführung wissenschaftlicher Materia luntersuchungen und Versuchsreihen


Jens Schlimbach

Deputy Research Manager Manufacturing Science & Manager Roving & Tape Processing

Special Expertise: Development of efficient processing methods, process optimization, out-of-autoclave technologies, economic feasibility studies, process hybridization, additive manufacturing, AFP, winding technology