Bio-Based Plastics in the Structural Building Sector

Technology Study on the Use of Bio-Based Plastics in the Structural Building Sector

Therme Group, as a designer, builder and operator of thermal facilities worldwide, pursues the primary goal of intensifying “Well-Being” in its facilities. This is to be achieved through the use of innovative materials, methods and technologies to enable theexperience of nature in a safe environment, while meeting strict sustainability criteria. Therefore, Therme Group commissioned together with the Department of Joining Technology / Materials and Surface Engineering Working Group (AWOK) to conduct a technology study on the application of new materials and processes in thermal spas.

The study focused on three main tasks:

1. The in-depth research of polymers and fibers that can be obtained from renewable raw materials and are suitable for the intended application

2. The identification of suitable processing techniques for these materials

3. The consideration and adaptation to building code requirements to ensure the safety and conformity
of the planned innovations

The Project goal is the evaluation of an economical yet sustainable method to produce organio structures that can be used under conditions of elevated humidity and heat.

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