Through-the-Thickness Permeabiltiy of the Reinforcing Tex

Design of a more efficient resin injection process

In this project a fundamental understanding of the impregnation behavior of reinforcing textiles at high pressure applications is gained. This understanding can be used for a more efficient design of Liquid Composite Molding processes.

Liquid Composite Molding processes are particularly suitable for the fast and cost-efficient production of high-performance composite components. This is particularly true for modern process variants that provide a through-thickness impregnation, such as Compression Resin Transfer Molding. For these processes, an efficient process design requires an understanding of the textile impregnation behavior in out-of-plane direction. In a previous DFG project a test rig allowing the monitoring of the textile reaction to through-thickness impregnation up to a max. pressure of 10 bar was developed. In the same project, a measuring system for determining the capillary pressure in the thickness direction was designed. Yet, in order to achieve shorter and shorter cycle times, resin injections are carried out with even higher pressures. Hence, in this follow-up project, a measuring system is currently being developed, which is capable of determining out-of-plane permeability and hydrodynamic compacting effects at injection pressures up to 200 bar. Additionally, the textile behavior is investigated by means of dynamic compaction tests at compacting velocities of up to 4,800 mm/min. In this context IVW closely co-operates with ETH-Zürich, which is developing a simulation model for the textile impregnation.

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Saturated out-of-plane permeability and deformation metrology of textiles at high levels of injection pressure



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The project “Measurement and Modeling of Unsaturated Out-of-Plane Permeability and High Pressure Impregnation of Engineering Textiles” is funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) – 299108850.