One-Shot Fully Integrated Thermoplastic Frame

The aim is to develop a highly automated manufacturing process for CFRP aircraft frames with thermoplastic matrix. The integral design is intended to save costs and time in production.

In the aviation research project OSFIT (One Shot Fully Integrated Thermoplastic Frame), a process technology is being developed to produce thermoplastic integral frames. Based on current composite fuselage structures, the substitution of the previously used thermoset matrices will allow the application of rapid forming and welding processes. In the course of the project duration of 4 years (2018–2021), IVW will develop an one-shot concept (forming and joining), which provides for the joining of stiffening elements by means of co-consolidation in stamp-forming process of tape-preforms. Their subsequent costly assembly is no longer necessary. Gaps due to component tolerances of the fuselage structure and the integral frames are shimmed by means of 3D-printing during frame assembly. A simulation of the forming process helps to optimize the selection of the tape laying parameters with regard to preform consolidation and prediction of spring-in and spring-back effects.

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Julian Weber

Scientific Staff Roving & Tape Processing

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The project “OSFIT – One-Shot Fully Integrated Thermoplastic Frame” is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) on the basis of a decision by the German Bundestag (funding reference 20W1706C).