Concepts of Next Generation of Moveables

The project Next-Move encompasses the development of a novel, efficient manufacturing method for hollow structures that opens up new design possibilities

Within the project Next-Move, an innovative process for manufacturing closed hollow structures from fiber-reinforced polymers is investigated. The process relies on specifically preprocessed composite structures, which act as a core during processing, but are structurally connected to the surrounding part after curing. This allows for a reduction in manufacturing effort and final part weight by omitting complex removable cores or lost cores. Additionally, the method enables the designer to incorporate undercuts or novel load introduction solutions. In the project Next-Move, composition, lay-up and chemical properties of the core have been optimized experimentally and by simulation in parametric studies. Furthermore, the core material curing process has been extensively analyzed and the bonding properties of core and covering layers have been determined in mechanical experiments. At the current stage of the project, example structures of an aerospace landing flap section are being manufactured using structural cores, which are optimized regarding their layup and degree of cure. The manufactured structures will be tested and compared to a referential structure.



The project Next-Move – Design & Assembly Concepts of Next Generation of Moveables is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy on the basis of a decision by the German Bundestag (funding reference 20W1512D).