Large Component Made of Thermoplastic CFRP

The demonstrator was i.a. exhibited at the Berlin Air Show ILA, proofing that this concept can be an essential building block for the next generation of aircraft fuselages with high production rates.

So far, thermoplastic matrix composites have been used in aerospace primarily for small components. In cooperation between the aviation supplier Premium AEROTEC, DLR-ZLP, and IVW, a large component from the aircraft primary structure with a total diameter of about 3 m made of CFRP with a thermoplastic matrix has been successfully produced. The pressure dome seals the passenger area airtight against the rear and is thus a safety-critical component. The 1:1 demonstrator of a pressure dome for the A320 family was made from 8 equally sized segments thermoformed at IVW. Compared to the aluminum parts used today, the futureproof thermoplastic CFRP version with the same mechanical properties shall enable weight savings, shorter production times, and reduced production costs.

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