Int. Benchmark Study for Permeability Measurement

Benchmark study on permeability determination

As organizer of the international benchmark study on permeability characterization based on radial flow, IVW made a significant contribution in the field of LCM-related fundamental research towards a reliable process design.

In liquid composite molding (LCM) processes a dry fiber reinforcement is impregnated by a resin system. In this context the permeability - which quantifies the conductivity of the reinforcing fiber structure for the liquid flow - is particularly important. However, up to now there is no standard for the permeability measurement. Therefore, in 2016 at the 13th International Conference on Flow Processes in Composite Materials (FPCM) in Kyoto, IVW was entrusted with the organization of an international benchmark study on textile in-plane permeability based on radial flow experiments. 19 organizations from five continents performed experiments on two textiles sponsored by Saertex GmbH & Co. KG and Hexcel Corp. based on a detailed guideline. Additionally, the participants answered an extensive questionnaire dealing with their measurement equipment and procedure. At the FPCM 16 in Luleå the results were presented during a special workshop conducted by David May. In summary, it could be shown that the comparability of results gained with different systems is basically given. Minimum requirements for measurement systems and data processing methods are now derived and the results are published as a peer-reviewed paper jointly submitted by all participants. Further topic-focused benchmark studies, organized by IVW, will investigate remaining open questions regarding potential influences on the measurement. The target is to develop a quasi-standard until the next FPCM in 2020. IVW is also involved in an international organization team for a novel benchmark study on “virtual” permeability characterization.

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