Innovative Tools for Extra Wide Organo Sheets

The aim of the IMAPRESS project is the development of a new semi-continuous compression molding technology for the production of organo sheets of 50 inches (1.270 mm) width.

Continuous compression molding machines (CCM) are suitable for an economically efficient production of continuously fiber-reinforced thermoplastic laminates, so-called organo sheets. In a subsequent thermoforming process the thermoplastic semi-finished products can be shaped into the desired component geometry. The maximum width is significantly limited by the technically challenging impregnation of the reinforcement fibers with the highly viscous thermoplastic polymer. To produce high-quality organo sheets with low porosity, the air enclosed inside the laminate must be displaced from the structure. The current state of the art in CCM technology primarily enforces air displacement and impregnation in the process direction. Therefore, the process time is determined by the impregnation of the reinfor-cing fibers lying transverse to the process direction. In the current project, the effects of the selected process parameters on the quality of the semi-finished products were intensively investigated. Furthermore, a model was created which is able to describe the impregnation progress in two dimensions. The knowledge gained is converted into a novel tool technology. In combination with appropriate process control, the impregnation performance as well as the efficiency of CCM technology can be significantly increased.

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Andreas Krämer

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The project “IMAPRESS – Increasing the Impregnation Performance of the Semi-Continuous Compression Molding Process by Adaptive Pressing Tools for the Future Production of 50” Organo Sheets” is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy on the basis of a decision by the German Bundestag (funding reference ZF4052318RU7).