Deformation behavior of UD staple fiber organo sheets

Process analysis of the pseudo-plastic deformation behavior

The aim of this project is to evaluate thermoplastic fiber-reinforced plastics (TP-FRP) for applications in the aerospace industry.

The focus is on special high-temperature thermoplastics with unidirectional reinforcement such as UD tapes and organo sheets. Process chains from semi-finished product manufacture to component production have been evaluated, taking into account quality assurance aspects and questions of cost effectiveness. In addition to processing special hightemperature thermoplastics with unidirectional reinforcement in press and interval hot-pressing processes, IVW demonstrates the high deposition rates of its new tape-laying machine for the production of TP preforms by pre-consolidation of fiber-reinforced thermoplastic high-performance semi-finished products (ATP - Automated Tape Placement). The subsequent rapid thermoforming process in combination with infrared heating and the downstream inductive welding of TP-FRP without additional adhesives by melting the polymer in the joining zone demonstrate the potential technical and economic advantages of thermoplastic composites.

Together with CirComp GmbH, IVW is evaluating a typical process chain for processing continuous fiberreinforced thermoplastic composites and the technoeconomic advantages of this group of materials.


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Jens Schlimbach

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Michael Päßler

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The project Process analysis of pseudo-plastic behavior of unidirectional reinforced staple fiber organo sheets is funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) – 471480678.