CFC – Carbon Fibers in a Cyle

Release behavior and toxicity properties of carbon fibers during thermal treatment and mechanical processing

The increase of carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP) implies challenges for automotive, aerospace and construction industry. Reason for that is the associated rise in production, processing and end-of-life waste as well as the stricter political regulations with the aim of a circular economy. New recycling and disposal processes must be investigated and developed together with the waste management, in order to prevent negative impacts on human health and environment during production, processing and disposal. During the life cycle of a CFRP component, production and processing steps as well as recycling and disposal processes can lead to the release of respirable bio-resistant dusts. In this project, toxicological effects on humans and the environment are investigated, with a focus on the thermal treatment and mechanical processing of new and recycled carbon fibers (CF/rCF). The objective is to derive recommendations
for safe handling during production, processing, recycling and disposal of CF/CFRP and rCF/rCFRP.

IVW’s focus is on production and mechanical processing
of CFRP and rCFRP as well as on characterization of materials
and the fiber dusts emitted during the process.

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Sonja Adler

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The project “CarbonFibreCycle (CFC) – Carbon Fibers in a Cycle – Release Behavior and Toxicity Properties of Carbon Fibers during Thermal Treatment and Mechanical Processing” is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) (funding reference 03XP0195C).