Basalt Fiber Lamellae for Static Building Renovation

The project aims for the development of energy-efficient and ecological basalt fiber reinforced lamellas for building refurbishments.

Basalt is the most common rock found on earth and can be processed into load-bearing fibers that are much more energy-efficient than carbon fibers. Thereby, basalt fiber lamellas are an economical and ecological alternative to carbon fibers in polymer composites, and enable the development of sustainable and cost-efficient high-performance materials that can be recycled more easily than carbon fiber reinforced polymers at the end of their lifetime. This project aims for the implementation of basalt fibers into polymer based composites (BFRP) to be used as components within building refurbishments. BFRP-based lamellas can e.g. be attached to floor ceilings to increase their load bearing capacity. Within this project carbon fiber-based lamellas, which contain about 70 vol.-% carbon fibers, are meant to be substituted by more ecological basalt fiber lamellas. This research project focuses on the material development at macro and micro level. Newly nanostructured resin systems are developed to satisfy the requirements set by the application of the lamellas. This is achieved by systematically varying and adapting material compositions which influence the mechanical and thermal properties of the lamellas as well as the processing conditions. Especially important is the resistance to environmental influences, i.e. the chemical resistance and durability of such composites. Additionally, to improve the interaction between fiber and thermosetting matrix, new sizing systems are developed.



The project “BFKcraft – Development of a Basalt Fiber Reinforced Composite Structure as Concrete Paving for Static Building Renovation“ is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action on the basis of a decision by the German Bundestag (funding reference 03ET1653D).



Emmanuel Isaac Akpan

Postdoc Tailored Thermosets & Biomaterials

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Andreas Klingler

DFG Walter Benjamin-Program

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