Damping Behavior of Bonded Composite Joints

The project AbsorpAdhesive aims at producing a car trailer made of pultruded FRP profiles

The profiles are used because of their good damping behavior and also to withstand the high price pressure of the industry. As a further damping element, the different profiles are bonded together in order to achieve a structural damping of the trailer as high as possible. Within the three research groups, the entire process chain is examined, from bonding at coupon level over the assemblies to the entire trailer. SKZ in Würzburg has carried out extensive studies on different adhesives. The different properties for strength and damping behavior as well as the sensitivity to various modifications of the bonding surface were examined and evaluated. The Institute for Mechanical and Automotive Design at TU Kaiserslautern designed, calculated and tested the car trailer.

The main focus of the work at IVW was on various dynamic tests. Both the profiles and differently bonded
structural components were tested and examined for their damping behavior. Highlight of the project was
the manufacturing, testing and evaluation of the car trailer.

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The project “AbsorpAdhesive – Simulation Methodology for Characterizing the Damping Behavior of Bonded Reinforced Composite Joints under Dynamic Load” is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy on the basis of a decision by the German Bundestag (funding reference 19981 N/2).