Technology Day at IVW - Presentation of latest IVW plant technology and developments


A large number of innovations, e.g. in transportation, medical technology as well as energy technology, are made possible by the use of thermoplastic fiber composites. They are characterized in particular by high lightweight construction potential, durability, particularly low-emission processing, cost-effective semi-finished products, simple shaping options, weldability and the possibility of material recycling.

Particularly high-quality and advanced plant technology has been installed at IVW for this purpose, which is being used to work together with research partners on the applications of tomorrow and the foundations for innovations of the future. In addition to ultra-lightweight solutions for next-generation aircraft or automotive structures, work is also being done, for example, on advanced storage technologies for hydrogen. For medical technology, particularly patient-friendly implants and orthoses made of thermoplastic fiber composites are being developed. New recycling technologies are being researched in order to recover the high-quality carbon fibers at the end of the component's life for new applications.

With over 100 engineers and the latest infrastructure, the Thermoplastic Composites Technology Center "TTC" at Leibniz-Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe is a development catalyst for regional and supraregional medium-sized companies and large enterprises along the entire process chain, from the white sheet of paper to the tested component.

On September 14, 2022, IVW, together with renowned equipment manufacturers, presented the technologies installed in recent years for the design, production and characterization of thermoplastic fiber composites to the professional public. Around 60 participants from industry and research were able to see for themselves the performance of the installed plant technology for ultrafast tape laying, press technology, hybrid component production, advanced X-ray processes and quasi-static and short-term dynamic mechanical material characterization during technical presentations and in the on-site laboratories.

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