SAMPE Conference 2023, Madrid


Dr.-Ing. Nicole Eichmann

Lecture: Hollow fiber-reinforced structural cores for complex part manufacturing

Christian Becker, M.Sc.

Lecture: Mechanical performance of unidirectional RCFRP for load-bearing applications

Jannis Hüppauff, M.Sc.

Vortragstitel: Development of an innovative thermoplastic Door-Surround-Structure for a single-aisle-aircraft

Nithya Sindhe, M.Sc.

Lecture: Digital process chain for thermoplastic structural components with local unidirectional reinforcements for aerospace applications

Vinay Nagaraj, M.Sc.

Lecture: Advancements in thermoplastic composites for next-generation aircrafts: A study on topology optimization and simulation methodologies for the design of door surrounding structures

Alexander Faas, M.Sc.

Lecture: Resin transfer molding of hollow parts with in situ generation of Polyurethane cores

Jan Janzen, M.Sc.

Lecture: Solid Epoxy Prepregs with patterned resin distribution for out-of-autoclave processing

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