"Rosenmontags-Science Slam in cooperation with CU West".


The monthly "Jour Fixe" has become an integral part of the networking activities of the CU West cluster of Composites United e. V. Deviating from the usual procedure, the members were offered a very special event on Rosenmontag, the highlight of german carnival. Under the moderation of PD Dr.-Ing. habil. David May from the Leibniz-Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe (IVW), the CU members were offered a very special event: a science slam. Six scientists from the IVW were given the task of presenting their respective field of research not only in a generally understandable way but also as entertainingly as possible in a maximum of seven minutes. A tricky task that all participants solved excellently.

The first presentation was given by Maximilian Salmins, who used an analogy to the baking of bread to illustrate how thermoplastic foams are processed to create integral sandwich structures. Tim Schmidt then took the audience on a historical journey through the centuries of fluid mechanics, from the beginnings of sandcastle building to state-of-the-art simulations of impregnation processes in textiles. Not to forget the excursion into art history with so far unknown works by van Gogh, who tried his hand (or not?) at visualizing corresponding simulation results. This was followed by Max Kaiser, who uses shape memory alloys to make composites play with muscles, thus actively influencing the aerodynamics of airplanes, among other things. Benedikt Boos then presented the complex world of non-destructive testing of composites as a natural further development of human sensory perception. Esha presented her ESA Sustainability Award-winning concept of a sustainable satellite with a built-in self-cremating functionaltiy to avoid space debris. The final presentation was given by Manuel Kunzler who, together with the audience, took the leap from 3D to 4D printing and showed how shape-changing materials can be used to print materials that then change shape as a result of external stimuli.

After the presentations, the three best presentations were determined by online voting. Tim Schmidt, Max Kaiser and Maximilian Salmins won first, second and third place and the book prize donated by CU West. The day was also a complete success for the spectators: With over 90 participants, the jour fixe clearly broke the previous audience record. The participants who had come to attend the event met afterwards for a get-together with coffee and donuts.

All those who became curious can find the video recording of the event under the following link:

Organizers and participants of the Science Slam (from left to right: David May, Benedikt Boos, Maximilian Salmins, Tim Schmidt, Max Kaiser, Manuel Kunzler, Esha, Heinz Kolz)


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