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In the monthly “Jour Fixe” of the CU West des Composites United e. V. companies and institutions present their technologies or projects on a current topic. Around 30 CU members and guests took part in the Jour Fixe “Energy Saving through Lightweight Construction” on March 18, 2024. Dr. Markus Steffen, Managing Director of INTELLIGHT, introduced the topic and led the subsequent discussion. “Composites are drivers of innovation for energy savings through lightweight construction. Innovative solutions can be created especially when functional integration is taken into account in the development process,” says Dr. Heinz Kolz, cluster managing director of CU West in his welcome address.


As part of the 24th Jour Fixe, the following companies/institutions presented their contributions to the topic:


• Murtfeldt Group (Carbovation & CrossLink)


• Leibniz-Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe (IVW)


Participated for us: Dr.-Ing. Nicole Motsch-Eichmann (Manager Design of Composite Structures)

The Leibniz-Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe conducts research along the entire value chain of composite materials, from material development to construction to processing technology on an industrial scale. In addition to the construction, particle foams in battery technology or e.g. B. clear lightweight construction potential for headrests. Savings in overall weight can significantly reduce CO2 emissions over the lifespan of a vehicle and thus reduce CO2 emissions in traffic. Energy savings through lightweight construction in aircraft have a 99.8% impact on flight operations. The proportion of CFRP components has increased significantly since 1960. Economic efficiency and use of materials can be significantly improved in boat building through biocomposites and heated tools.


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The technology trends were highlighted in the discussion. Composite construction methods not only enable weight reduction, but also improvements in geometry, functional integration and savings in joining processes.

Large tools are also required for optimal functional integration with larger components. However, their costs limit flexibility and variability. The innovative solution from vombaur: Production of three-dimensional structures using circular weaving technology. A double T-beam can be made in one piece using this technology.

After Corona, Murtfeldt's mechanical engineering customers are cautious about new developments. The additional costs of lightweight construction must be paid back in 3-4 years through energy savings. Lightweight construction applications are often used by system users as part of a retrofit.

Moderation: Dr. Markus Steffens, Managing Director, INTELLIGHT




Nicole Motsch-Eichmann

Manager Design of Composite Structures

Special Expertise: Structural design and development of fiber composite structures, finite element analysis (static), development of load introduction regions, experimental testing of components and parts, topology and shape optimization


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