Review: 1st General Meeting of the “Freundschaftskreis des IVW e.V.”


On April 12, 2024, the first general meeting of the “Freundschaftskreis des IVW e.V.” support association took place in our institute. Committed supporters and friends of IVW met to discuss the future direction and goals of the association.

The meeting was characterized by an inspiring atmosphere of cohesion and community. Ideas and suggestions were put forward to further strengthen the association and promote its activities.

A central topic of the discussion was the promotion of IVW in its area of activity. Therefore, assessors were elected for various areas of the association. In the future, they will be active in the areas of culture, merchandising and press work and will support the association in these important tasks.

The announcement of the “IVW-Freundschaftspreis”, which will annually honor the best student work, was particularly pleasing. This initiative is intended to help promote young scientists and recognize outstanding achievements.

The association chairman Dr. Andreas Liebetrau led the meeting confidently and ensured that everything ran smoothly. Another thank you goes to all participants.

After the official meeting there was a happy get-together where people exchanged ideas like "old friends" and made new contacts, which was a successful ending to an eventful day.

The support association “Freundschaftskreis des IVW e.V.” is confident about the future and is looking forward to many exciting projects and activities in the spirit of supporting IVW.

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