Network meeting "Hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles" with the topic "WaVe - hydrogen-based propulsion system for commercial vehicles


The speakers of the sixth network meeting will present the results of the joint project "WaVe" - hydrogen-based drive system for commercial vehicles. The current network meeting offers participants an exclusive insight into the comprehensive results of the research project, the opportunity to discuss hydrogen topics and to establish contacts with other hydrogen stakeholders.

The aim of the joint project "WaVe", which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection, is to develop a hydrogen-based drive system for commercial vehicles in the medium-duty range and to test it in field trials using various demonstrators (UNIMOG and tracked vehicle). At the core of the drive system is a new type of hydrogen combustion engine, which is supplemented with all the system components required for operation (e.g. tank systems, lines, control valves).

During the network meeting, Mr. Geisler of Daimler Truck AG will present the first running hydrogen-powered (UNIMOG) demonstrator with road approval and passed mower testing to the attendees. The participants get to know the developed tank system of the joint project by Dr. Motsch-Eichmann of the Leibniz Institute for Composite Materials. Finally, Dr. Bauer of ITK Engineering GmbH will report on the challenges and solutions in developing the safety concepts for the hydrogen-powered UNIMOG and tracked vehicle demonstrators.

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We are looking forward to an exciting joint network meeting!

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