IVW wins 2nd place in the AVK Innovation Award 2022


In the Research and Science category of the coveted award, IVW scored with HyKoPerm measurement technologies for an industry-relevant characterization of textile impregnation behavior. In wet pressing and compression RTM, resin is pressed into a textile layer structure in the thickness direction. This compacts the textile, whereby the simultaneity of resin flow, textile deformation and curing makes a robust process design difficult. The HyKoPerm measurement technologies reproduce the process under simplified conditions but without loss of the industrially relevant parameters. A defined injection pressure (e.g. 150 bar) is applied to the layer structure. Sensors monitor all relevant process variables, including the overall compaction and the displacement of individual layers. A complementary simulation, fed by the test data, calculates the exact fiber volume content distribution. In line with the spectrum of manufacturing processes, there is a low-pressure (up to 10 bar injection pressure) and a high-pressure (up to 200 bar) measuring cell. The results are used as input for process simulations and process design.


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