ICAF Poster Award


On June 2023, the International Committee on Aeronautical Fatigue and Structural Integrity (ICAF) held their 38th ICAF Conference and 31st ICAF Symposium. This combined ICAF 2023 event was held from 26-29 June 2023 in Delft, the Netherlands. The IVW in collaboration with the engineering consultant ar engineers participate this year with a Poster presentation entitled “stacking sequence effect on the fatigue behaviour of single lap shear bonded joints”. Our Poster was voted "Poster of the Day" by all participants and in the final round of voting among all the day's winners came in a very close second.

Congratulations to the main author Francis Gonzalez Ramirez and our project partners Luiz Lise and Fabian Nowacki from ar engineers!

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