David May appointed to the International Steering Committee of the Conference on Flow Processes in Composite Materials

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The 15th edition of the FPCM was held at Purdue University (Indiana, USA) from June 27-29. The internationally renowned conference series focuses on flow processes in composite materials processing, for example in liquid composite molding (LCM) processes as well as injection and compression molding. With its work on permeability measurement of reinforcement structures and the simulation of LCM and sheet molding compound (SMC) processes, IVW has been actively present for 30 years, represented on the international Scientific Committee initially by Prof. Klaus Friedrich and since 2008 by Prof. Peter Mitschang, head of the program area manufacturing science. Since 2016, Dr. David May, research director of the program area digitalization, has led the organization of international benchmarking studies for experimental as well as virtual permeability determination. An ISO standard on permeability measurement, developed under his supervision, will be published in 2023. Dr. David May was unanimously elected as a member of the FPCM international Scientific Committee at this years meeting.

PD Dr.-Ing. habil.

David May

Research Director Digitalization & Manager Digitalized Process & Material Development

Special expertise: Process monitoring, experimental-simulative characterization of processing behavior (esp. permeability), Resin injection/infusion, Preforming

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